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Purpose driven brands do better. Up your integrity with Talenthouse.

Virtue signalling is not enough. Take action with Talenthouse today and democratise creativity.

Both our personal instincts and evidence shows that consumers are more likely to buy from companies that they recognise as standing for something over and above their profitability. Today, more than ever, a brand’s values are evidently as important as their products with 64%* of consumers preferring to buy from companies with a purpose-driven reputation. Consumers are engaging with brands they can trust, respect and who they believe are genuinely trying to make a difference rather than just extolling their virtues.

Ben & Jerry’s brought integrity and activism to an ice-cream brand. Dove is boosting self-esteem around the world. Patagonia is committed to environmentalism and Tesla’s mission to change the world through a transition to sustainable energy goes beyond the auto industry.

Business leaders are challenged with making their purpose clear and sharing their values throughout their entire business model - including their creative. And no, we don’t just mean slapping a rainbow on your logo during LGBTQ+ pride month - it should include how they actually source their creative work too.

Talenthouse was born 13 years ago with a simple purpose; to provide opportunities to all creatives. Democratising creativity is a huge ambition, but we believe that a great idea can come from anywhere, and we’ve created platforms for creatives at every stage of their journey to be inspired, to have their work recognised and rewarded through access to creative collaborations.

A true meritocracy would allow the creative’s work to shine through and not be influenced by the colour of their skin, their sexuality, faith, economic background, education, or location.  Our model gives creatives from all disciplines and experiences the power of having their work seen by the right people in the right places and to get noticed. Part of our mission has been to break down the many barriers that creatives face, including the age-old challenge of ‘you need experience to get a job, but you need a job to get experience’.

We have given creatives from all over the world the opportunity to work with world class brands and icons. Talenthouse Creatives have designed stage wear for Stevie Nicks, Florence + the Machine, have created shoes for adidas and DC, posters for movie studios, merchandise for Coldplay, worked on Childish Gambino’s guerrilla marketing campaign and much more.

The value of creativity is important in every industry. Creativity inspires people. It can serve to inform, unite, to challenge attitudes and prejudice and to mobilise wider communities into taking positive action.  Creativity has the power to stop people in their tracks and change the way they think about black rights, gay rights, women’s rights, poverty, climate change or any of the Sustainable Development Goals.  Creativity has power and impact. At its best, creativity can change the world and make it a better place - not just a more beautiful place. As well as democratising creativity for artists, we constantly strive to do better and engage our community to work on projects, such as this one from the United Nations, or this one from Reckitt.

We encourage you to shape your marketing communications by going to the creatives who are often a subset of your own target market? What better way to demonstrate your commitment to inclusivity, than by working with a truly diverse group of authentic creators from every walk of life, from every location, colour, faith, sexuality, socioeconomic, and educational background? To be known as a brand that has made a positive social and economic impact on the global creative community.

If you are going to ‘talk the talk’, it’s important to ‘walk the walk’. Your brand can help democratise the creative process by including a model like Talenthouse to source much of your creative content. By doing so, you’ll immerse your brand into popular culture, creating a dialogue with your consumers rather than the dated monologue that dictated so much of historical marketing.  You’ll come out with multiple pieces of beautiful, fresh, original creative work and stories to flood your channels rather than just one hero piece of work, and have created a valuable connection with the creative community.

Let our platform and community of creators make your brand a hero that champions creativity. Do good, while doing better.