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Coming in January: the Talenthouse Visual Trends Report 2023  

What is the Visual Trends Report, and why is it a powerful tool?

If you're familiar with EyeEm by Talenthouse, the premium stock photography and illustration marketplace, then you're familiar with our annual Visual Trends Report. The report is a collaboration between our creative experts and marketing specialists, and anchored in data and insights gathered from our global community, providing you with an indispensable source of information on the topics and trends that will keep your brand relevant in 2023. 

Last year, we focussed on photography, but for this year, we're going bigger. We are taking a broader perspective of creative mediums and the creative industry that also reflect the diverse skills of the Talenthouse community.

Why are trends relevant? At Talenthouse we view them as key to unlocking the power of the creative economy across all industries. We have gathered, understood, and interpreted information gained from our ongoing dialogue with our creative community, and we translate this in such a way so that our creativity-driven clients can benefit. 

These trends stem from the visual world, yet they will have relevance and impact in any industry. The Creator Economy is massive, and global. This means anything that emerges from the creative industry affects you and your business. 

This report is our future-facing encyclopedia for creative change. A source of guidance or inspiration where some key visual trends are explored, outlined and made accessible through visually and creatively stunning features. This is an industry shake-up, via topics explored in conversation with creative leaders across sectors and some of our key partners.

The Visual Trends Report 2023 will equip you with a strong and responsive visual strategic lens that will help your brand stand out and evoke the right emotions and conversations in 2023.

We will share more insights over the coming weeks prior to the January debut. Be one of the first to receive the 2023 report by signing up here:

And check out the 2022 VTR here: