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Talenthouse Case Study

Dua Lipa - Hallucinate

Look How We Smashed it!

Service Offered:

Open & Closed Brief - Talenthouse

The Big Wins

389 AR Effects
170m+ Shares
1.4M Impressions

What We Love to See

Our first foray into AR meant democratizing the voices, and linking our community to one of the biggest pop stars on the planet - no biggie.

The Story

Through a hybrid project, Talenthouse combined a Closed and Open Brief. For the Closed Brief Talenthouse identified a highly skilled Spark AR Creator who produced the Official AR Camera effect ‘Hallucinate’ a 2-week long, fully managed project from briefing to delivery. Simultaneously Talenthouse hosted an Open Brief to provide exciting opportunities for fans around the world, and to empower the next generation of Creatives by providing an opportunity to develop their Spark AR skills in response to the brief. 

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