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The Importance of Design in Marketing for Business

Even the most effective marketing plan can go unnoticed without a professional-looking design.

Every marketer knows that the first impression is important and more often than not it is made in a few seconds. This is particularly true in branding and can set the tone for how customers recognize products. Even the most effective marketing plan can go unnoticed without a professional-looking design. With it, your brand’s message becomes more compelling and trustworthy but above all, good design gets people talking.

According to Adobe, design-driven companies have outperformed the S&P Index (stock market index) by 219% over 10 years. These companies retain the best talent and outperform the competition by revenue growth.

What exactly is your brand identity?

A company’s brand identity is essentially a collection of elements with anything that visually reflects the brand’s values. It is one of the most valuable investments of time and money that someone can make in a business.

The benefits of good design in marketing

Here at Talenthouse, we know how important design is for every business and especially for their marketing efforts. Good design can improve the quality of your message as well as draw attention to your marketing materials and activities. In other words, terrible design equals lousy marketing.

According to research conducted by Finance Online, 94% of consumers do not like websites that have poor graphic designs. Good customer satisfaction can be achieved by providing a great visual experience using perfectly woven graphics.

One of the most important reasons you should invest in the quality of your visual brand design is to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Talenthouse knows how to help businesses stand out, we’ve been doing this for 13 years. A successful business should have the ability to separate itself quickly from the mind of a potential customer. For example, there may be at least fifty other gin brands in the market, but just simply taking pride and time in creating a quality brand can lead to your business getting recognized above all others.

We recently completed a packaging brief with Bombay Sapphire - the premium London dry gin with a difference. They have been using their distinctive blue packaging to memorable effect. Creatives from Talenthouse’s community were invited to design a disruptive gift box that transforms an ordinary box into a creative illusion, using the brand’s aesthetic and incorporating Bombay’s colors. The company received unique art and inspiring designs which they will use in their packaging next year.

How can other companies take advantage of Talenthouse’s creative power?

Our global community of millions of creatives have been helping brands shape their marketing communications for more than a decade.

Talenthouse collaborates with both agencies and brands and has been working with Amazon, Nike, P&G, Microsoft, Porsche, Mercedes, Heineken, Airbnb, Thomas Cook, Sony, Disney, McDonalds, VisitBritain, Universal Pictures, Google, and many more.

Our creative briefs provide opportunities for incredible creatives to design stand-out packaging for top-notch brands, unique blockbuster posters, or interactive AR filters or whatever your requirements may be…..

Great design knows no constraints

The value of good design for your marketing promotions should never be underestimated. For today’s design-savvy audiences, good design is not optional—it is critical to the success of your brand. All promotional materials your business produces - posters, packaging, banners should aim to create a lasting impact of your company on the consumers.If you are lacking good brand design, you risk jeopardizing the good name you’ve worked so hard to establish. Make good design a part of your business strategy and you will reap the benefits and create a better experience for your customers.

How can Talenthouse help your business?

We provide a different, quality creative work that is rooted in cultural relevance with faster turnarounds and competitive pricing. Talenthouse works right across the board from concepts, ideation, product, and package designs to every type of creative work for social storytelling, programmatic, live art installations, event amplification, and influencer marketing campaigns.

Want to maximise your brand? Talenthouse can help you find an innovative way of distinguishing your brand from your rivals. Fill in the form below and let’s work together.

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